Side scan sonar

Resources from EU funds successfully used – HHI acquires Side Scan Sonar

Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia (HHI) is implementing the project “Cross border joint research and awareness raising action in detecting environmental conditions.

Establishing higher safety and protection measures of Maritime domain parts of Croatia and Montenegro – CoRE” during which was purchased Side scan sonar whose value is 50.882,00 EUR.

Side scan sonar was purchased with funds from EU IPA Programme Crotia – Montenegro, Component II (Cross-Border Cooperation), from British company C-Max Ltd –

Side scan sonar will be used for underwater hydrographic and oceanographic research in Dubrovnik aquatorium and the aquatorium of delta Neretva, (approach to port Ploče,, junction of Baćina lakes and sea).


The research will result in the establishment of “new zero” / “zero state” and safety recommendations according to collected data for delicate and changing environment of delta Neretva, (approach to port Ploče, junction of Baćina lakes and sea), delta Bojana and Sutomorska and Mogren beach and impact of the wave power on Dubrovnik city walls foundation.


After performed hydrographic and oceanographic research the new hydrographical maps will be produced (for waterway safety / habitat preservation researches) based on research and gathered date, concerning natural changes of coastline border in Croatia and Montenegro influenced by erosion from mainland and wave power from open sea.