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Six months of the implementation of “CoRE” project

During the six-month period of the project implementation the planned project tasks were successfully implemented, through continuous communication between the partners in relation to major upcoming activities, procurement of equipment for the forthcoming research and development research methodology.

The initial meeting of the project partners was held in Dubrovnik on 04. July 2016 and within the meeting the project was presented to the media as well as memorandum and an agreement on cooperation between the project partners were signed.
The preparatory works were started and the research methodology was developed for the purposes of hydrographic and oceanographic researches, which will be implemented in the second year of project implementation (monitoring of the impact of waves power in the area of Dubrovnik and area of the delta of Bojana River, erosion monitoring, sea current monitoring and other parameters relating to the safety of navigation).
The project website was registered (domain www.projectcore.info) and will be drafted and active at least 5 years after the implementation of the project. The procurements relating to the IT equipment, the development of the visual identity of the project and procurements of the promotional materials, as well as the process of purchasing of the hydrographic equipment (multibeam) for the purposes of the Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro were launched. In the process of preparing are procurements of wave recorder buoys and Side Scan Sonar. It is expected that all equipment to be purchased by the end of 2016.